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October 23, 2007
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From the point of view of evolution, human history can be seen as a line of continuous successful attempts to adapt and interact better with our environment. If we take the number of humans populating the earth as reference, we never have been as successful as a specie as today. Politically we have tried many ways of organize our selves. From the smaller ancient tribe passing through the despotic kings of the antiquity to the more benevolent but absolutistic ones of the enlightenment we can certainly trace a Line: more people have been ruled by a single authority. Democracy associated to capitalism has proven effective but was associated to imperialist practices: few countries managing a large number of underdeveloped ones. Now, Globalization is the emerging world order that is empowering and liberating countries previously subjugated by Imperialism, the former world order.

Imperialism required exploitation of other countries resources. It was because as wealth was based on the control of economic material resources, those resources should be controlled to allow more wealth. Because of that, Imperialism required keeping other countries economically underdeveloped. And, in order to keep those countries underdeveloped, it was also necessary to keeping them politically and culturally depended.

As wealth origination transitions from the control of natural resources and means of industrial production to the production and managing of knowledge, Globalization emerges as a new game with new rules.

The consequence is that it is increasingly not longer relevant for rich and wealthy countries to perform an imperial control of other countries. Now wealthy countries do not need as much as before -and progressively need less and less–absolute and direct control of other countries resources.

A very good example can be found on Chile. On the Nixon administration a socialist president was elected. On the fear of losing yet another country to in this continent, Nixon decided to pressure the new Chilean administration economically and ended making it to fall. I that way Nixon assured that Chile was kept under the US influence or, let’s call it, it imperial dominance. In the beginning of the 21st century the US signed a Free Trade Agreement with Chile. Opening the US doors to Chilean products and promoting the economic development of that country, on the best interest of the US.

To sum up, under Globalization what is required now by wealthy, powerful countries are partners. The more develop the better. Unlike material resources, knowledge is unlimited and infinity. More knowledge creates more knowledge, and more wealth.

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